Case Studies

Case Studies

Living life on purpose

Read below about how people with diverse needs and backgrounds all share the same decision - to make sure life always gets better for those they love and take responsibility for.

High-quality life insurances and Income Protection cover can help you make sure your family is provided for, mortgage debts are paid out, that there is always somewhere nice to live and that your partner and family (biological or logical) will never have to worry about their futures if you're not around to support them.

We believe that life insurance is a very powerful and practical way to say "I love you, today and tomorrow and forever".

Below are some helpful case studies to help show how different people in very different situations are all united by their decision to protect and provide for someone they love.

We are here to guide our clients to make better decisions and
  • understand what's available,
  • what's possible for them and their family, and
  • where to start.
This is why we believe our clients the heroes of our brand.

Tina and Garry Ethan Dave Donna and Jade George Jennifer and Amber John and David Leanne and Jane Lisa Naomi Terry

Meet Ricki and Davesh - New Dads-to-Be through Surrogacy and IVF Ricki and Devesh are a same-sex couple who first met at University and later married after the Australian Marriage Equality plebiscite in December 2013. Ricki is a Florist and Devesh is an Account Manager for a pharmaceutical company. For years they wondered if it was ever going to be possible for them to start a family together? They learned…
Meet John and David - first home owners with their Life Insurance sorted (even with an HIV diagnosis). Meet John and David – they’re about to sign the contracts on their new home, and it’s an exciting and stretching time, regardless of the interest rate
Meet Tina and Garry - proud new parents of a baby boy A miracle you might say - because Tina and Garry are officially a serodiscordant couple. (In simple terms, it means one of them is HIV positive). Deciding to have a baby is a big decision for anyone, but for a couple living with HIV the decision is more complicated. Tina and Garry today join the growing numbers of seroconcordant…
Meet Lisa. She's a procurement manager for a busy national corporate and there's nothing she can't find when she puts her mind to it But when it came to life insurance for somebody with diabetes, that proved a bigger challenge. Last year while on holidays, Lisa's partner Sandra had to go to the hospital after a problem with her diabetes medication.
Meet Jennifer and Amber - partners for life. Jennifer has spent the last 8 years climbing the corporate ladder in a busy city law firm and made senior associate last Christmas. Her obsessive attention to detail means she's particularly good at what she does but the possibility of having to work through the fine print details of a life insurance policy is not something she's looking forward to. Jennifer enjoys…
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