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Diabetes in Australia is our fastest growing chronic condition

The onset of Type 1 Diabetes mellitus (T1DM) occurs most frequently in people under 30 years, however, new research suggests almost half of all people who develop the condition are diagnosed over the age of 30.

Each day 280 Australians develop diabetes:

  • 56% are males
  • 44% are females
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What's the problem with a 'formal decline' on an application?

Your privacy is extremely important.

Having a formal decline on an application for Life insurance (or a life insurance product) is an important thing to avoid where possible.

  • This is because, for any future insurance application, you would be legally bound to disclose the initial refusal.
  • This is covered in the question that's similar to, 'Have you ever been refused insurance for any reason?'.  Failing to declare this formal decline would give every insurance company grounds to attempt to void any future claims.

So how does this happen?

We see time and time again how people have made an application for life insurance either through a Superannuation fund or some form of questionable online comparison service promising the world. After providing all their personal information to a telemarketer or bank clerk and having to deal with all the disclosure issues that for many people with chronic health conditions is difficult, deeply sensitive and personal, they then are told, they are 'formally declined' and a formal decline record is applied to their insurance history.

They are left believing that 'the decline' was solely due to their health and they are left to deal with the uncertainty and associated feelings that come with being told you're not acceptable.

What they were not originally told, but should have been

What they were not told is that particular brand of insurance provider, bank or comparison websites was probably never able to cater to their particular situation in the first place.

  • It’s like going to a fast-food shop and trying to buy a box of healthy fresh fruit – it’s the wrong shop to go to. 
  • They just don’t sell that solution, but they also didn't tell you that ahead of time.

The problem is not you, the shop never had the ability to ever provide what you wanted anyway.  And they failed to tell you that ahead of time.

The bigger problem then is, how do you deal with a formal decline in your insurance, and what does that mean?

This is why people with chronic health issues need the service of a specialist like unusualrisks.com.au who know where to shop for their clients with unusual risks.

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Is Telemarketer direct insurance good for pre-existing medical conditions?

No. For most people with a pre-existing health condition, it’s an automatic decline. This then triggers a formal decline record.

  • This is a problem because you would then have to disclose this fact on every single new insurance application for the rest of your life.
  • Failing to do so would give a company legal grounds to avoid paying out your insurance claim.

Did you know that one of the common telemarketed direct life insurance products in the market today, has an exclusion for pre-existing conditions for the first 5 years? Additionally, the company will use retrospective underwriting to see if you were eligible for the policy in the first place, not when you take the policy out, but at the time of claim.

  • This means, that if you are assessed as ‘never eligible for the policy in the first place’ when you make a claim, the insurance company has the option to refund any premiums paid and simply state ‘you were never eligible for the policy in the first place so you were never insured, so there is nothing to claim'.

If you want absolute certainty and peace of mind, get your life insurance from a professional Risk Insurance Adviser, not the local bank clerk or a telemarketer.

>When you understand the significance of this issue alone, you will begin to appreciate the value of a professional relationship with a speciality Risk Insurance Adviser from unusualrisks.com.au who is there for you and your loved ones at the time of an insurance claim.

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When do I need personal insurance cover?

It's all about feeling in control of your future, knowing your options and taking responsibility for how you want to live your life.

Most people particularly need life insurance when:

  • they are in a long term relationship,
  • have joint responsibilities such as a mortgage/rent with someone else,
  • have children, (or nephews and nieces),
  • have family,
  • who are in business with others,
  • who have frail aged or elderly parents,
  • good friends
  • or even charities that they wish to provide a legacy for.

The idea is a life insurance benefit payout will support a partner or family financially if the policyholder dies at a time when they are relying on their income. It could be used to cover things such as mortgage repayments, replace the deceased person’s salary, or pay childcare or education expenses. The options are endless when you have resources to help.

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Can you help me apply for life insurance if I have an HIV and diabetes diagnosis?

Yes. That's our speciality.

We have clients with both conditions well managed and with full high-quality life insurance in place.

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My partner is not a diabetic, can you help them at the same time as you help me?

We sure can. We believe in looking after those who look after you. The process is much the same, just no online pre-assessment is needed. 

For friends, family and supporters who want standard life insurance cover, the application process is the same, and there is no need for a pre-assessment.

Just send us an email and we'll organise the rest.

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Can you get Income Protection policy have been diagnosed with Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetics usually cannot get full Income Protection insurance cover but may be eligible for Accident Only Income Protection. Type 2 Diabetes usually can qualify for full  Income Protection.
Income protection pays up to 75% of a person’s income if through sickness or injury they are unable to work.

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Can I get Critical Illness insurance if I have been diagnosed with Diabetes?

Usually Yes. This may depend upon the degree to which you're able to manage your condition and your recent HbA1c score.

For a critical illness application, you may have a policy exclusion imposed on a policy that relates to Diabetes, but you may be able to cover the full range of other issues that a policy can provide for

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What if I’d previously had a diabetic coma, can I still qualify for life insurance?

This type of event is seen as a complication to a pre-existing condition and would raise some additional questions about health management, but is best seen in the light of the surrounding circumstances. 
For example, you might have had this event as a child. For younger people, this could be more difficult to work with but it would need to be assessed on a case by case basis- and that's our skill.

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Can I qualify for Life Insurance as a diabetic?

Yes, if you have your diabetes under control and don’t have additional multiple risk factors like coronary artery disease, smoking, obesity, uncontrolled high blood pressure, etc., then there's a good possibility you'll qualify for life insurance cover.

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