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Will they ask me if I'm HIV positive?

Yes - everyone gets asked that same question now anyway.

  • Insurers now ask all applicants if they have ever tested positive for HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B or C or if you are awaiting the test results for the same.

If you are applying for a particularly large level of insurance cover, eg: $1,000,000 or more, all applicants (regardless of medical status) will usually be required to undergo a blood test for HIV and cholesterol as standard practice.

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What types of information do you request from my Doctor or Hospital Clinic?

As part of the typical underwriting process, a life insurance company will usually request a medical history report from a person's nominated GP or Medical Specialist when they are completing an application for insurance.

  • A formal written request for a medical report is made and paid for by the assessing life company along with an explanatory letter and a copy of the applicant's signed authority agreeing to exchange information.
  • The request is usually in a question and answer form that asks about specific outcomes.

If you would like an editable PDF version of such a form you can ask us for one and take that direct to your GP or clinic too.

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Do I have to answer questions in front of my partner if I don't want to?

No. The privacy laws are very strict and you don't have to answer questons in front of your partner. In fact, you have to give your consent before being asked any sensitive medicqal questions too. You get to control where an application takes place and who you permit to be there.

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Do I have to use a Tele Underwriter if I’m comfortable answering my personal health questions with my Adviser?

No not at all. Our senior adviser Drew Browne is a front-line underwriter and he's particularly comfortable and skilled at talking about what matters most with people, in a down to earth and respectful way. A little preparation beforehand and the process is straightforward and usually completed in about 30-40 minutes.

Here's one of our fun explainer videos that talks directly about this question.

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What is the Duty of Disclosure rule?

Before you enter into any insurance contract, you have a legal Duty of Disclosure under the Insurance Contacts Act 1984 to:

  • inform the insurance company of every matter that you know,
  • or could reasonably be expected to know about,
  • that is relevant to the insurance companies decision about whether to accept the risk or not of a new application.

This same legal duty continues to exist only until the insurance contract is formally issued (and the policy is in force).

The importance of the Duty of Disclosure is written on every application questionnaire and you should take the time to read it.

  • It’s important that all the questions in your application are answered carefully, accurately and to the best of your knowledge and belief
  • When in doubt, always raise an issue with your adviser (or the Tele Underwriter if you choose to use that service for answering your private health questions in an application)

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Do I have to fill in the insurance application paperwork myself?

No. We’re here to help. We can do it all for you or you can be involved too. After a quick conversation we try and complete forms online or over the phone, whatever is best for you.

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What does a Life insurance application look like?

A typical application is made up of two sections.

  • Part 1 The Basic Questions like who you are, your type of occupation and whether you have special travel or pastimes that have a higher risk eg: do you take regular treks to the Himalayan mountains every year or do you race vintage motorbikes etc.
  • Part 2 The Personal Health Questions There are approximately 30 - 40 health-related questions to complete.

Today where possible we use online and over the phone options to complete Life insurance applications so the whole process becomes easier and more private.

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How long does the formal Life Insurance application take?

About 20 – 30 minutes depending upon the level of detail needed. But you can help and collect the results of your blood work ahead of time, that will speed up the process.  And by authorising us to use that information in a formal application, the application process becomes super fast.

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