All Case Studies

All Case Studies

Our case studies are inspired by Real People — united by a common belief — that to protect and provide for who we love is the very core of being human

Below are some helpful case studies to help show how different people in very different situations are all united by their decision to protect and provide for someone they love.

Scroll down to learn about some of the people we work with, perhaps like you.

Co-parenting - it takes a modern village to raise a modern child Gay couples don't stumble into parenthood by accident — it's always a deliberate act (and usually a complicated one too). Like any modern family, there are many ‘ways to grow a family’ and Co-parenting is becoming just one of those many ways. Back in the day, the term Co-parenting was traditionally only used to describe a situation where a…
Meet Ramesh. Positive, energetic and living with a kidney transplant He’s also an experienced software coder ‘Guncle’ to three nephews and a little princess who he has brought every available Disney Princess Dress on the market for, and the best of partners to his boyfriend Ashish.
Meet Ricki and Davesh - New Dads-to-Be through Surrogacy and IVF Ricki and Devesh are a same-sex couple who first met at University and later married after the Australian Marriage Equality plebiscite in December 2013. Ricki is a Florist and Devesh is an Account Manager for a pharmaceutical company. For years they wondered if it was ever going to be possible for them to start a family together? They learned…
Meet John and David - first home owners with their Life Insurance sorted (even with an HIV diagnosis). Meet John and David – they’re about to sign the contracts on their new home, and it’s an exciting and stretching time, regardless of the interest rate
Meet Tina and Garry - proud new parents of a baby boy A miracle you might say - because Tina and Garry are officially a serodiscordant couple. (In simple terms, it means one of them is HIV positive). Deciding to have a baby is a big decision for anyone, but for a couple living with HIV the decision is more complicated. Tina and Garry today join the growing numbers of seroconcordant…
Meet Lisa. She's a procurement manager for a busy national corporate and there's nothing she can't find when she puts her mind to it But when it came to life insurance for somebody with diabetes, that proved a bigger challenge. Last year while on holidays, Lisa's partner Sandra had to go to the hospital after a problem with her diabetes medication.
Meet Jennifer and Amber - partners for life. Jennifer has spent the last 8 years climbing the corporate ladder in a busy city law firm and made senior associate last Christmas. Her obsessive attention to detail means she's particularly good at what she does but the possibility of having to work through the fine print details of a life insurance policy is not something she's looking forward to. Jennifer enjoys…
Meet Terry - a skilled fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) mining professional who looked for How cheap tattoos can change your life 'My name is Terry and I'm 37 and I married my childhood sweetheart. A few years ago we decided as a family that the only way we could get ahead and save a big deposit for a house, was for me to go work in the remote mines of Western Australia…
Meet Ethan - a sensible and available guy "Why I took out life insurance at age 24" Everyone’s personal situation is different. I’ve been out of university for just over a year now and have a list of ‘first’ experiences: my first real job; my first apartment (ok I share that with mates); my first official tax return and my first life insurance policy. I’m now officially a 24-year-old single…
Meet George - logistics co-ordination ninja He spends most of his work day chasing boxes, deadlines and freight companies running late. His partner is the love of his life (and drives him crazy at times). George has a stepdaughter who he adores and a well-earned reputation as a bit of Weekend DIY Tragic, relentlessly renovating his townhouse. George’s shift-work is often unpredictable, so living closer to work and cafes makes his…
Meet Naomi - nurse, single and super mum Blood borne virus exposure insurance for nurses and doctors Naomi is an experienced accident and emergency nurse with more than 5 years of experience working in the surgical wards and in and around potentially dangerous medical workspaces. She is used to managing chaos and moody teenagers; she has two of her own she's hoping to put into private school next year for…
Meet Dave - life of the party He's a big fan of the party life and 'works hard so he can play hard'. If you ever got into a serious conversation with him, he's an open-minded no-labels kind of guy. His work ute looks as good as he does and he's in high demand on Saturday night - and always swipes right - if you know what we mean.
Meet Donna and Jade - caterers to the stars! Donna and Jade run a busy catering business with 2 full-time staff and a half dozen casual contractors. Donna is the company advertising and paperwork wiz and Jade transforms food into art you can eat. They're both company directors and each own 50% of the company's shares.
Meet Leanne and Jenni - experienced professionals Leanne and her partner Jenni are corporate professionals working in HR and Town Planning. They've been together in a de facto relationship for over ten years now and worked hard to establish their careers and their family.

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Whatever your situation, we can help you

  • Single

    Age is no indicator of relationship status or financial responsibility.

    • You can be young and starting out or older and established; and both enjoying living the single life.
    • You might be single, single again, sometimes single, single with kids, single with pets or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being single in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    And it's your single life, so live it your way.

  • Partnered

    Sharing life and love with someone can be twice as exciting.

    • You might be partnered, partnered with pets, officially de facto, officially married (yay!), splitting expenses but sharing life, or joining incomes and combining financial lives too.
    • You might be together but living apart, working towards a future with kids, thinking about fostering, adopting, IVF or surrogacy; or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being partnered in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    There's no right or wrong way to live a purposeful life, just what works for you both.

  • Parenting

    For today's LGBTQI+ families, there are no accidental families.

    • You might be parenting and single with kids, parenting solo with kids, parenting and partnered with kids, (yours, theirs and ours), dual parents with kids, co-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, or even adoptive parents of kids with additional needs (just beautiful!).
    • You might be a lesbian co-parenting couple or super involved 'Guncles' or Aunties. You might not even identify with the broader LGBTQI+ community but find yourself a parent in a same-sex relationship, or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to parenting in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    However you're doing it, Love makes a family.