John and David - living with HIV and owners of full life insurance

Meet John and David - first home owners with their Life Insurance sorted (even with an HIV diagnosis).

Meet John and David – they’re about to sign the contracts on their new home, and it’s an exciting and stretching time, regardless of the interest rate

It’s life events like this that often make us all stop and consider where we’re going and what we want the future to look like for our family.

Back in the day ...

When John was first diagnosed HIV positive, he couldn’t even qualify for life insurance cover no matter how healthy he was and how many days he seemed to live at the gym. The whole situation didn’t seem fair and it was a constant frustration that he couldn’t talk about without feeling down. Living a smaller life with lower expectations seems so inauthentic to him and his outgoing personality.

It gets better

John really felt responsible for not getting into the property market earlier and while both he and David have always wanted to get ahead, in the back of Johns mind was that nagging question, ‘how would David cope financially if something happened to him’. The idea of a bank taking your home and your partner being forced to move away from the community he gets a lot of support from, always seemed to tip cold water on any hot investment ideas.

With a little help from...

Thankfully, the local Community Health Education Officer told him about the new online service and their anonymous pre-assessment program to help people with pre-existing medical conditions get their life insurance sorted. With new medical advances, people with well-managed HIV can qualify for normal life insurance.

Fresh air

This news was the breath of fresh air John and David needed.

Bright future

Now the reality of a big mortgage and a home together (with a little DIY on the horizon too) means their future together with bricks and mortar, seems perfect, fun and, as David said, ‘about bloody time too.

John finally got to play his part and life is good; it’s a bloke thing.

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