What's on offer

So what type of insurance is on offer?

The Good Stuff!

We believe the highest quality personal insurance products are the ones that complete all their underwriting and assessments during the initial application; not left, or deliberately postponed until claim time.

This means there are no hidden agendas, problems or extra work required during the most important time of the policy – claim time.

  • In a perfect world, everyone has access to the highest quality insurance available and the best risk advisers
  • But we don’t live in that perfect world yet so different types and levels of insurance cover are used to best meet the different needs of people

Whether it’s a ‘best to budget' scenario, ‘take whatever I can get’ scenario or you want to ‘top up your existing cover' to protect the new mortgages or celebrate the arrival of a new member to the family – we can help you get through this minefield safely with your dignity and privacy intact.

So what's 'not' the good stuff we hear you ask?

Some insurance companies have taken a token approach to insuring people with HIV and provide 'time-limited' life insurance policies.  These cut-down policies were designed, some would say, to take commercial advantage of people who could least afford to run the risk of never being able to claim on them because of their intentionally designed time-limited structure.

  • A time-limited policy is an outdated policy that lasts for a 5 or 10 year period only - then are effectively canceled when the term finishes
  • Similar to a car insurance policy, these time-limited policies have to be reapplied for at the end of the contracted period when the acceptance criteria goal posts can be moved by the insurance company at will.
  • Fresh medical, lifestyle and occupational assessments are required with no certainty of being eligible for cover.
  • Any policy that specifically excludes HIV or its variants.

We believe that people deserve better, but better was difficult to find for the average person.

That's why the team at Sapience Financial and Investment Services built the speciality brand unusualrisks.com.au - to be the change they wanted to see in the world.

Did you know?

A cost effective way to pay the premiums for your personal insurances, like Life, Income Protection and TPD insurance is automatically from a Superannuation fund?