Dave, life of the party

Meet Dave - life of the party

He's a big fan of the party life and 'works hard so he can play hard'. If you ever got into a serious conversation with him, he's an open-minded no-labels kind of guy.

His work ute looks as good as he does and he's in high demand on Saturday night - and always swipes right - if you know what we mean.

But just because he's open minded, doesn't mean he's irresponsible.

Dave knows all too well that as a single self-employed guy, he has to rely on himself a lot so party and irresponsible for him are not the same. He's been careful with his health and doesn't think he has any reason to be concerned of STD's.

He doesn't do needles but does enjoy a drink and a smoke.

Keeping work and play separate

Dave likes to keep work and play separate but realises he needs to protect and insure his growing income earning potential now while he's young and healthy (and hasn't hurt his back like so many of his tradie mates).

How do you talk about 'party stuff' during an insurance application?

But Dave’s uncomfortable about answering the personal health and lifestyle questions in a life insurance or income protection application. ‘What if they want to do a blood test? How does that work?’ It was really frustrating not knowing who he could trust to talk to about it with confidentially.

He knows that a person applying for insurance, has a legal duty of disclosure, to be honest and straightforward and there’s not point setting up a policy that can be avoided for non-disclosure if you need to claim. That’s stupid and expensive and just defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

Saving for a House and a Self Managed Super Fund later

Dave wanted to give himself the best chance at success and start thinking about saving for a house and maybe a self-managed super fund later. It was time to bite the bullet and find out what his options were.

Up until now, he's avoided getting his personal insurance sorted because he's uncomfortable talking to strangers about his party lifestyle. He wondered if there was a confidential way he could 'test the waters first' to see where he stood?

Dave found how to get his income insured - judgment free

Up until now, he's avoided getting his personal insurance sorted because he's uncomfortable talking to strangers about his party lifestyle. He wondered if there was a confidential way he could 'test the waters first' to see where he stood?

One night at a club he picked up a card about unusualrisks.com.au the no judgments online confidential pre-assessment service for people looking to get their personal insurances sorted.

If you don't know you don't know

To be honest, Dave wasn't sure of his HIV status but he knew he didn't have any current STD's and wasn't into stuff that he thought might put him at high risk.

After learning some more on their website and after some explicit and frank email conversations with an adviser, he felt this was the best and safest option for guys in his situation. Dave completed an online pre-assessment and got the green light on both his income protection and life insurance.

Sure he had to pay a little more for his 'smoking' but he accepted that as a fair trade-off so he can party with confidence that he’s not risking losing his lifestyle if he has an accident and can't work.

Here's a payment trick his mates missed

Now Dave’s superannuation fund automatically pays the insurance premiums for him (and gets a nice little tax deduction too).

  • Each year the insured amounts are automatically indexed to keep pace with inflation with no need for medicals
  • Whenever he has some surplus cash, he can top up his super fund too and claim his own tax deduction to keep his accountant happy

As part of the package he also gets a professional relationship with his own understanding financial adviser, he can email or chat with whenever and however he chooses.

Now Dave has more reasons to party - because a party lifestyle, doesn't have to mean an irresponsible one.

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