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We live in one of the most beautiful, and expensive, countries on earth.

So it's no wonder that most couples agree, anxiety about money and increasing levels of debt causes, significant family stress.

Life insurance is an essential expense for any couple, but for same-sex couples who rely on the income of one or more family members to pay the bills life insurance is a necessity. The Australian Census records around 20%of lesbian couples and 5% of gay male couples in Australia, are raising children and that number is rising. Today's modern families are as different as their aspirations. So whether your family is biological or logical, whether you're a parent co-parent or part of someone's family of choice, we understand that key family relationships are about love.

Having high-quality life insurance in place can dramatically reduce the stress of carrying large amounts of family debt, as well as protecting and providing for those you care for. If the unexpected turns your world upside down and you're not around to help pick up the pieces, high quality life insurance can allow your family to continue to live where they feel most supported, complete education the way you planned and provide for your family the way you love. is the specialty online pre-assessment service that helps people with well-managed HIV or diabetes (and their partners) get life insurance.

Let's meet Jill and Kelly. Their family comprises two teenage children from past biological relationships and one 3 year old bundle of joy conceived through IBF. Together, they live in a modest house with a dog who thinks it's human, have a thriving organic veggie patch and they host occasional weekend lunches with different sets of biological parents and, the occasional favorite auntie or uncle. The food and everything else is just fabulous. Three years ago Jill found out that she was HIV positive and Kelly was diagnosed with diabetes.

Both conditions are well managed and it's more of an inconvenience than else. But starting a new family later in life they both always felt uncomfortable about the level of family debt hanging over their heads. They always wanted to get proper life insurance in place, but now they're not even sure if they both qualify. And they just feel guilty every time it comes up in conversation. Thankfully a close friend told them about the specialty online pre-assessment service that helps people with HIV or diabetes get their life insurance sorted.

Jill and Kelly decided not to let a diagnosis get in the way of protecting their family. Over the weekend they each visited from their smartphones, they completed the anonymous pre-assessment, learnt some really useful information from the extensive list of frequently asked questions and then began an email conversation to see whether they both qualify for cover. It didn't take long before they both got the green light.

The team arranged for all the usual medical reports to be provided direct from their GP, and when a blood test was required simply arranged for a mobile blood test collection service to visit them at their home, after hours. Everything was completed by emails and occasional phone calls with minimal interruption to their family. It was just what Jill and Kelly needed. Now they both feel so relieved that their big plans now have the big protection their family deserves. Family life is still stressful at times, but it's never overwhelming, now that they both know that if one of them isn't there life goes on -just the way they planned. So if you are responsible for a modern family, whether you're a sole parent or partnered or co-parent or something more complicated, don't let a diagnosis get in the way of living a bigger life.

Visit today and learn how you can get your modern family's life insurance sorted.

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